Terry Landry Earns 100% Rating on GreenARMY Legislative ScoreCARD


Rep. Terry Landry’s votes on environmental issues recognized by GreenARMY.

House District 96 Rep. Terry Landry received a 100% rating from the GreenARMY on legislation considered in the 2014 session of the Louisiana Legislature. The GreenARMY ScoreCARD was released on Monday, February 2 by General Russel Honoré during his appearance at the Baton Rouge Press Club.

Rep. Landry earned that 100% by being a consistent supporter of environmental and public health and safety interests covered in a broad range of legislation considered in the 2014 session. In recognition of his voting record, Rep. Landry was included as a member of the GreenTeam — legislators with outstanding records of support for protecting the environment and the people of Louisiana.

The ScoreCARD was compiled based on an analysis of bills considered by the House and Senate of the Legislature during the regular session. Because bills can originate in each chamber and because not all bills were voted on in each chamber, the bills on which members of the House and Senate were scored are slightly different. Here is the complete list of the bills used in the ScoreCARD.



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