Rep. Terry Landry 2013 Bills, Resolutions and Laws

TerryWellIn the 2013 Regular Session, his second session in his first term, Rep. Terry Landry had acquired an understanding of the House legislative process and began bringing his insight and experience to bear on that process. His first year in office had also provided he and his constituents the opportunity to begin to assess the needs in this new district, which prior to 2011 had been situated in New Orleans.

These are the bills, resolutions and laws that Rep. Landry authored in the 2013 Session. Descriptions of each item can be found by clicking the link in the identifying number of each legislative instrument.

HB 259 — Revitalize the Hopkins Street Economic Development District. In the 2013 Regular Session, Rep. Landry introduced this bill which aimed to revitalize this economic development district which now sits in House District 96. The bill, which was signed into law by Governor Jindal and became Act 142 of the 2013 session, gave local stakeholder organizations, including local and state government representatives, seats on the board of the development district. The aim was to better coordinate activities among the community and government so that the district could pursue its mission of stimulating economic activity on Hopkins Street in New Iberia.

HB 664 — Rep. Landry authored this bill as a means of providing the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry a tool it said it needed in order to help stop the spread of sweet potato weevil infestations. The bill, which became Act 332 after it was signed into law by Governor Jindal, applies to commercial growers of sweet potatoes. The new law does not apply to grocery stores and other retail outlets that sell sweet potatoes.

HB 159 — This bill, which became Act 76 of the 2013 Session, creates a specialty car license plate that benefits the March of Dimes. In addition to the special license plate, the bill created an annual fee for the plate which is collected by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections and which goes solely to the March of Dimes after a small administrative fee is deducted by the department.

HB 396 — Introduced flashing yellow caution turn signals to traffic lights, providing clearer signs to drivers as to what turning activities are allowed at intersections with those lights. The flashing yellow arrows indicate to motorists that turns are permissible but that drivers should yield right of way to oncoming vehicles and to pedestrians before proceeding. The bill was signed into law by Governor Jindal and became Act 43 of that session.

Other bills and resolutions introduced by Rep. Terry Landry in the 2013 session include: HB 158HB 170HCSR 2HCSR 4HR 91, and HR 189.

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