Bills, Resolutions and Laws by Rep. Terry Landry

VoteBoardIn addition to his emergence as a key member and leader on the committees on which he serves, Representative Terry Landry has proven to be an effective author of legislation. He has not introduced an avalanche of bills, but instead has been selective in introducing bills that apply to his district or are centered on his areas of expertise — criminal justice, law enforcement, and transportation.

Here are brief descriptions of the bills authored by Rep. Landry that have been signed into law by the Governor, with links to the digests that describe the effects of the bills/laws. The bills/laws are organized by year.

Click on the year for a listing and description of the legislation. A link is provided to other bills and resolutions authored by Rep. Landry in those years.

2012 Regular Session.

2013 Regular Session.

2014 Regular Session.

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