Bills and Laws Authored by Rep. Terry Landry Now Available

VoteBoardYou can now review the bills, laws and resolutions authored by Rep. Terry Landry thus far in his first term representing House District 96 in Baton Rouge.

Click on the link in the navigation guide on the front page or click here to access those by legislative session.

You can view the 2012 filings by clicking here.

The collection of 2013 bills, resolution and laws by clicking here.

The 2014 bills, resolutions and laws can be viewed by clicking here.

Bills and resolutions introduced by Rep. Landry in the 2015 session will be posted when they become available.


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  1. I really like the information provided and the look of this website. In my view, Rep. Terry Landry has done a good job representing his district. What I look about Terry Landry is that he is independent enough to take the stands that he believes are correct.

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